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Correct Score betting: How to earn from correct score prediction

The facts you need to before placing a correct score prediction, how to go about it and how feasible it is to achieve it

Working out correct scores in sports betting will always be a risky task for new and existing punters even after putting all the factors are put into consideration before placing a stake. Nonetheless, it is important for all punters to have a solid knowledge of the game, mathematical and statistical probability in order to have a better chance at predicting scores correctly.
All new and existing punters should take this into consideration:

  • Poisson Distribution

This is a statistical tool which can be used to determine the likelihood of an event occurring in the future by using the previous data of thee team to make future postulations. It can be used to calculate the exact score of a match by putting into consideration in mathematical terms, the strength of the defence and attack of a particular team and their goal-scoring form.

  • Play the game you know

The Poisson mathematical equation gives objective results at all times; regardless of other subjective factors. This is where the punter’s knowledge of the game becomes relevant. Remember, the statistics and data provided by Poisson distribution do not take into account: fatigue, managerial changes, weather, the pitch of play, or player injuries in sports betting. It is therefore left to punters to take all these factors into consideration before making the correct decisions.

Correct Score Betting Tips

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your betting experience:

    • Spread your bets

Having in mind that sports betting is based purely on chance, you are advised to bet on a couple of different scores on different betting slips.

    • Back your favorite team/player

As an experienced punter and a fan, predicting the correct score is relatively easier with your favourite team. This is because to some extent, you understand their style of play and this is a major factor in predicting correct store.

    • Deal in lower leagues

To make maximum profits from valued odds on the correct score market, it is very advisable for new punters to crunch the statistics and deal in lower leagues where they might find more valuable odds.
To increase your betting chances, newspapers could be read; radio and television sports programs analyst could be listened to for an update on game statistics to help you bet more accurately. You can find regular match analysis and betting predictions on

  • Go over or under for safer bet

For advance punters who rely majorly on data statistics in analyzing every possible factor that could affect a sporting game, it is advisable to go over or under when betting to put stakes on a safe side.
It is worthy to note that betting in this way takes time and require more patience which is a virtue most punters lack. So, if you are not patient enough, this method is not for you.
This method offers the punters the liberty to decide whether there will be more or less than a certain number of goals or points in a game. Most times, this option offers attractive odds than the conventional 1X2 prediction.


Correctly predicting the final score of a match is one of the trickiest betting options in a point-based game. This is because there are several factors involved some of which can’t be quantified. However, you stand a better chance if you understand perfectly the subjective environment surrounding every match before applying the objective data generated. For advanced tips on how to successfully predict the final score with the best attractive odds available, click here.


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