Sports gambling has become a trending and most engaging activity practiced by people of different ages and status world wide; especially in countries where gambling is legal.

It is not gender restricted either. However, by law, those under the age of 18 are prohibited to partake in this act.

Just as tobacco companies advises that “smoking kills”; bookmakers and some prediction sites also advise that “gambling is addictive”.

When habits are formed, a pattern is created and addiction kicks in. Some of this formed habits may be good, while some, disastrous.

When it comes to gambling, it is easier to form a bad habit than a good one.  But what’s more important is knowing and identifying those habits, to avoid developing them; and working on them if you already have any such habits.


The “I need more odds” habit

This is greed. You may not identity this as greed at first. But listen to yourself again. “I need more odds”. Sounds like the famous Oliver Twist who needed more food and got beaten for his greed.

The aim of sports gambling is not for high odds,  it’s for winning. Or better still,  it’s for “not loosing”. Wanting more odds only increases your loosing chances. Don’t be greedy and lose.


The “Accumulator” mentality

Maybe you are not really after high odds. But you just have a thing for accumulating all the games you want to stake on. This is another time bomb awaiting explosion.


The “mirror betslip” staking

As the name implies. This is a habit of staking twice or more on the same betslip or ticket.

This may sound hilarious, but people do it all the time, especially when they feel that they have got a winning ticket and they didn’t stake high enough the first time,  and want to multiply their winnings.


The “rollover” mentality

There is always that tendency to rollover all your winnings. As much as this can yield a multiplying effect, it can rain doom on all your winnings.

Before that “rollover” mentality kicks in, you should ask yourself these critical questions:

  1. Have you made profit?
  2. Can you bare the loss?
  3. Are you 100% sure of winning the bet?

In spite of whatever answer you get from these three questions; rolling over all your winning is always a dicey move. Splitting the spoils of your winnings and staking with only one part is a better option.


Staking all you have

Some gamblers are hexed with the thought of making immediate cash by staking their live savings on a game  This is a disastrous lifestyle.  One loss would mean you are wrecked and retched for live.


Chasing your losses

After loosing a bet, don’t get desperate to win back your cash. This can prove futile. You need to lay back a little, clear your mind of the lose and stake on your next games only after fully recovering mentally. Chasing your losses would only end up making you lose more.


Betting for a living

Never make gambling your primary source of income. You need to have a job, that generates cash. Sports betting can only be another  secondary income making scheme you can choose to put up your sleeves whenever you feel like.



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